Live Remote Drone Operations Simplified

Cloud based solution for remote drone operations. Exclusively built for Subject Matter Experts, Drone Operation Managers and Operators.

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FlytLive Mission Planning

Control Drone from Anywhere, Get Unlimited Range

Be virtually present on the job-sites.

Get live video feed and control drone over 4G/LTE. Intuitive controls let you fly the drone, see aerial cockpit view, plan mission and tilt/pan camera gimbal to look around; right from your work desk.

Built for Safety, Security & Reliability

Reduced flight risk makes you fly with confidence

Geofence and pre-flight checklist make sure your flights are safe. End-to-end encryption and authentication keep your drone and data access - secure. Built on most reliable and advanced FlytBase platform - trusted by thousands of users, worldwide.

hardware compatibility

Ready-to-Use, Zero Setup Time, Use Any Device

Use any drone, access from any device

Flyt.Live supports all major drones (DJI, Ardupilot, and PX4) allowing you to comfortably switch drones and payload on demand. Cloud-based application allows you to access the dashboard on any machine, anytime with no installation required.

Manage drone operations remotely and get all critical data right on your screen

Overseeing and controlling drone operations from a remote location has never been easier. Flyt.Live is a cloud-based turnkey solution, enabling deployment in a few clicks, allowing you to manage everything, on a single web based dashboard, for a seamless experience.

fly drone remotely

Save time and cost on transport, increase your operational efficiency

Manual operations are time taking and expensive; leveraging drone with Flyt.Live can cut down the time and cost drastically which results in better ROI. Subject matter experts can monitor and supervise multiple operations right from their desks, negating the need to travel to each location individually.

Infrastructure Inspection

Experts can remotely manage and supervise inspection operations at different locations sitting right in the office.

Construction Monitoring

Monitor construction progress, stockpile & vehicle movements, and safety at multiple locations, simultaneously.

Security Operations

Get an overhead aerial view of the property on your Flyt.Live dashboard; eliminating blind spots, enabling wider coverage and speeding up patrols.

Emergency Response

Assist first responder teams before deployment, with critical data captured from the drone’s live video feed; to make informed decisions.

How Flyt.Live Works

Flyt.Live connects your drone to cloud using the trusted FlytBase platform. As a drone agnostic software, Flyt.Live is compatible with all major drone hardware, be it a custom drone based on Ardupilot/PX4 or any DJI drone.

flytlive flow diagram
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